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All About Alma...


I've always been a crafter-- even as a kid I busied
myself with sewing doll clothes and drawing.

In 1989, I was in the process of throwing out two
articles-- a well-aged sports jacket, from my
husband's wardrobe, and a piece of foam rubber--
when I had a light-bulb moment. My two daughters
played with their Barbies all the time, but lacked furniture
for their house. So I put the jacket and foam together, and voila! 
All three of us thought it was the most amazing, albeit not very attractive, thing! I used to sell produce at a local Farmers' Market and decided to bring one of these new creations along. Luckily I sold one at the first sale and have been using that original design ever since. Needless to say, I've improved the fabrics and techniques I use though!

In addition to working on doll sofas and beds, I've developed Alma's Peanut Butter Balls,

a chocolate-peanut butter-delectable, and develop the crafts for our local library's
children's story time. And in my "spare" time I love gardening, travelling, and spending
time with my family. I definitely keep busy! 


My true passion, however, has been creating doll sofas, beds, and occasionally doll
clothing, for the past 30 years, and it is my dream to continue to share this passion
with children everywhere!

The original 1989 sofa

Hi, I'm Alma! Welcome to my website!

Working on production

Set up for a craft fair

Some of Alma's crafts

More craft fair fun

Ready for shipment!

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